Suzhou Xida cryogenic equipment Co., Ltd

Xida, located in Suxhou,half-hour away from Shanghai China, was established in 1993 ,has nearly 30 years of experience of design, research and manufacturing in the field of ultra-low temperature industry. We focus on developing and producing cryogenic equipment which with cooling temperature from  -60℃to -253℃. Air is usually the only cooling medium in our equipment.

What do we do

Xida customize turbine expanders which with gas processing capacity of 50 ~ 6000Nm3/h and completed sets of cryogenic equipment. The turbine expanders are mainly used in gas separation equipment, aerospace, oil field, chemical industry, coal mine and cold treatment equipment.The lowest cooling temperature reached -253℃. Our turbine expander has won the State Invention Award (patent number EL93247626-0) and the Silver Medal of national patent product.

Thousands of turbine expanders made by Xida have been installed at customers in Asia, Europe, South America , Australia and Afirca. Our clients include Air Liquids, Praxair, Research Universities, Air Separation Companies, Basic Industries Corporations.

Complete sets of cryogenic equipment have been used for quick freezing and ultra low temperature preservation in food industry and medical industry

Space refrigeration equipment is used in machinery plants for Ultra low temperature quick freezing  of metals.

Where are our equipments used
Customization of complete sets of cryogenic equipments
Customization of spare parts and maintenance parts

What services do we provide

Customization of turbine expander
Maintainning and repairing customer's existing cryogenic equipment

Optimizing customer's existing cryogenic equipment