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This line of ultra-low temperature refrigeration equipment is developed for quick freezingand

refrigerating of COVID-19 vaccine and other mRNA vaccines. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, vaccines have been widely needed around the world. Long-term preservation of mRNA coronavirus vaccine requires low temperatures, so our company developed a cryogenic storage solution. We set the normal cooling temperature range of this line of equipments from -90℃ to -20℃.If you have special temperature requirements, we can also adjust the equipment process according to your requirements. The minimum temperature of the cold storage can reach -250℃. 

We can also customize the cooling capacity of the equipment according to customers' requirements. But the current minimum cooling capacity is 5kw.

Our mission is to provide a safer and more stable low temperature environment with air wich is the most natural and harmless, and to provide a feasible solution for the freezing and refrigeration of Coronavirus mRNA vaccine.

Schematic diagram of cryopreservation of

ultralow temperature vaccine